This website is intended to educate Omaha homeowners about solar power and the lawsuit recently filed, South Shore Heights (SSH) Home Owners Association (HOA) vs. Dr. Timothy Adams - Case No. CI 11-338. See tab to the left, "Lawsuit". The complaint makes many false allegations. It is critical for Omaha homeowners to understand a ruling in favor of the HOA will set a very bad precedent for those interested in home-based solar energy. The intentions of implementing an environmentally friendly and safe power alternative while reducing your utility bill through solar energy can be easily negated via petty complaints, ignorance or personal agendas. Please read the linked article to better understand the HOA and Solar debate:

View Dr. Adams' solar panel's energy production information in real time as it is updated every 5 minutes. This technology was implimented May 10, 2011. This new technology has tracked the solar panels' energy production since May 10, 2011.
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Many SSH residents support solar energy for the neighborhood for they understand its relevance today and for our kids' future. And/or, they do not condone how the SSH Board has handled this matter. Therefore, the Adams Family is not going to give up on their neighborhood. They are staying put for they love their home and they have good neighbors. Dr. Adams intends to stay the course and fight for what is right and for our kids' future, as encouraged to do so by many of South Shore Heights' residents.

What can you do?

Demand our city leaders to act with urgency to support a brighter future for our kids!
Home Owner Associations Stay Out of the Sun